Charter Support

When anyone reaches out for help,
the hand of Charter will always be there

The McLellan Practice takes great pride in the quality and effectiveness of their speakers, many of whom talk on tough subjects that relate to real life issues. As a result difficult feelings and thoughts are often brought to the surface through these presentations, and it’s important that these are attended to properly.

The McLellan Practice has a long-standing relationship with established PSHE speaker and therapist Mandy Saligari, Clinical Director of Charter Harley Street which she co-founded with Anthony Mclellan in 2008. A busy, private outpatient clinic based across two locations in central London, Charter successfully provides therapy and treatment for a wide range of issues to individuals and their families.  Many referrals come through the schools from parents, students and teachers requiring support for difficulties that can range from stress, poor self-esteem, perfectionism and loneliness to emotional problems that can include depression and anxiety but may also extend into addictions and other self-destructive behaviours.

Charter Harley Street

A key strength at Charter is the emphasis on relationship, with yourself and with those who care about you, and this will always form a significant part of the work that we do.

At times a student may approach us with concerns about a parent or vice versa, and sometimes a teacher might ask for support. Whatever your concern, our commitment is to help you to find the support you need to work through any difficulty you may have with the relationships that matter most so that you can get back to living your life to your fullest potential.

If you would like any further information on the support provided through The McLellan Practice at Charter Harley Street you can contact our office on 020 7323 4970 between 08.45am-6.00pm