Everything to Nothing

Everything to Nothing

Rebuilding my life after drug addiction

Born into a world of privilege and advantages a happy and prosperous life was there on a plate for Oliver but a few bad choices as a teenager were a chain reaction into a world of self-destruction that nearly killed him. He had no idea that the choices he would make would lead to such desperation and loneliness for decades to follow. As he fell deeper and deeper into a life of drug addiction he broke the hearts of the people that loved him who were helplessly forced to look on. 

Educated first at Ludgrove with William and Harry Windsor and then at Stowe School he struggled with the educational process; learning did not come easy. Combined with a longing to be popular and accepted Oliver found himself drawn to those young people that were experimenting with drink and drugs. He felt cool, part of something, and finally accepted!

Not in a million years did he ever think that his quest for acceptance would take him down the route of the squalid and desperate life of crack cocaine and heroin addiction. Drug addiction is not something that is ever planned; it is the invisible by-product for an unfortunate few who were merely looking for some release from the social awkwardness’s that many feel growing up.

Oliver feels strongly about educating young people that the choices they make with regards to attitude, behaviour, and friendship circles, can and does potentially steer them into a life where the daily unhappiness and misery is unimaginable, not just for themselves but for their families too.

Now seven years clean and free from active addiction, Oliver wants his audience to understand that even as a teenager this is not a dress rehearsal – this is real life.

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