Hairdresser To The Homeless

Hairdresser To The Homeless


Josh Coombes started his Haircuts for the Homeless project 2016 and advocates that a decent haircut can and does make a major difference to people’s lives.

“My personal hope is that a haircut will lift the person’s self-confidence and may give them that extra something which could help to get them off the streets. After six months of living that way without any facilities anyone would look dreadful. However, if you look better you feel better and that might just be the boost that’s needed. It is so rewarding to do something that makes a person feel good about themselves.”

After Josh approached a man in his home town of Exeter offering him a trim, the man was very touched. “Any makeover will improve the way you feel and this was no different – I just wanted to reach out and use my skill to help this person. “ He is now Brixton based and gives haircuts to over ten homeless people a week in the streets of London. The response has been amazing.

Josh’s project led him to establish the wider social media initiative #DoSomethingForNothing which calls on people around the world to take time in reaching out to those in need. This project is backed by street photographer Matt Spracklen and Dave Burt, CEO of the digital agency’Be Social Global’ and founder of the @London Instagram channel which has 1.9 million followers.

“We’re mobilising people globally to love their communities. #DoSomethingForNothing is getting people around the world to stop for a moment and help those in need.”

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