Ali Silver

Healthy Eating, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

(Empowering individuals to help those with disordered eating)

Ali Silver has worked in the fitness and health industry since finishing her ‘A’ levels at an independent school in London. As her career flourished, so did her own eating disorder. Whilst helping her peers and clients deal with their own habits and training, she was fighting a battle all of her own.

Having gone down many routes to recovery, Ali has now overcome her eating disorder and wants to help educate other young people who are either dealing with their own or their friend’s eating disorder. Ali firmly believes that knowledge is power, and there is no place for an eating disorder with empowerment.

Having started working as a personal trainer, she found that the real issue was not the training or the food her clients were reporting but the things that their eyes couldn’t see – their relationship with food and their bodies.

Ali has studied as a health coach, a nutrition practitioner, and specializes in nutritional guidance for those with disordered eating. She is a trained volunteer at RaPT (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) and has been volunteering at Amy’s Place (supported accommodation for the Amy Winehouse Foundation) working with young women around addicition, exercise, food and body image.

Her hope is to get people talking about these issues, to get families and friends and schools involved, so that not only will eating disorders become less prevalent, but we will have the tools to deal with them head on when they do appear.

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