An Open Conversation

Young people are exposed to an unprecedented range of media content, through an ever-growing number of channels and websites. Furthermore, the proportion of that content which is sexual or pornographic has increased considerably in recent years.

The presentation is prefaced with a discussion to gauge the different opinions already in the room about pornography and the flavour of the session is structured to feel more like an open discussion rather than a lecture.

After hearing the initial responses from pupils, Isla’s talk will discuss the following areas:

  • How pornography has developed
  • How it affects the mind and can lead to addiction
  • How it increases our objectification of others
  • How it can affect our self esteem
  • How it can harm relationships
  • How it can harm our expectations of sex
  • How it can lead to a less satisfying sex life

The conversation then proceeds to explore ideas about consent, communication and intimacy which are predominantly absent in porn and aims to encourage safe, consensual and communicative sex.

At the beginning and end of the talk Isla asks young people to reflect on the following:

“We have a choice in life, we can either use people and love things or use things and love people”.

Isla van Tricht was educated at York University and RADA. She is a playwright and theatre producer for Shrapnel Theatre Company.

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