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The McLellan Practice delivers Lifestyle and Health presentations to schools throughout UK offering over 40 different topics to all age groups within the educational system. Separate provision is made for parents and staff.


The structure of the practice is now focussed entirely towards the educational world and all counselling and referral enquiries are directed to outside sources.

Anthony continues to orchestrate the school bookings while Emma Cole from ‘Positive Voice’ keeps everything tidy and remains the glue that holds the diaries together.

Anthony McLellan

Anthony was educated at Downside. He trained as a Programme Director in addiction treatment at Hazelden in Minnesota and in Intervention – ‘How to help someone who doesn’t want help’ at The Johnson Institute in Minneapolis and Albuquerque New Mexico. This led to a major pioneering involvement with the introduction of ‘Intervention’ techniques into the UK.

In the early 80s Anthony headed the counselling team for the then Priory owned Galsworthy Alcohol Unit and in 1988 he became the first Programme Director of The Promis Recovery Centre in Kent.  Before starting The McLellan Practice in 1990, Anthony was Director of the addiction programmes for the Charter Clinics in Chelsea and Hampstead as well as the Charter Nightingale Hospital in Marylebone. In 2008 he co-founded Charter Day Care Ltd in central London.

Alongside his work with the treatment of addiction Anthony continues to develop the positive relationship his rapidly expanding team of speakers  experience with schools throughout the UK.  After 30 years delivering his Alcohol Awareness presentation, Anthony has passed the baton to a younger generation of speakers who are more than capable of providing the same impact upon teenage audiences.

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