Isla van Tricht

Things You Need to Know About Sex

(But Were Afraid to Ask)

Isla van Tricht has a wealth of experience working with teenagers across the country and has presented interactive talks and engaged in discussions all over the UK to thousands of students aged 14 – 18 on the topic of pornography for the last three years. This subsequent talk has been created in response to the reoccurring questions, comments and concerns she has heard from those students.
Focusing on CONSENT, COMMUNICATION and INTIMACY this talk presents key information about healthy sex and relationships which is often not included in sex education but which is vital for young people to learn.

Statistics and surveys show that the sex education young people experience at school has a huge and positive impact on their sexual decision making, health and wellbeing if done well. Countries which lean towards a more open and honest discussion of sex and relationships with young people (within the school environment and beyond) have, as a result, the highest sexual health ratings in the developed world.

This fun and interactive talk, tailored to be age appropriate to the desired year group, focuses on engaging the students and getting them to think critically and practically about the topics discussed.

There will also be space for an open Q&A where students can ask any question they like about sex and relationships in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

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