Dr Charlie Easmon

A History of Prejudice

(Knowledge is Power)

In light of recent world events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, one of the McLellan Practice’s most acclaimed speakers, Dr Charlie Easmon has developed a thought provoking talk on Prejudice which aims to give pupils an opportunity to reflect; think, and question their beliefs on this topic and the arising issues.

Prejudice is the unjustified or incorrect attitude (usually negative) towards an individual based solely on the individual’s membership of a social group. It comes in many forms – sex, colour, race, sexuality and religion. It has marred lives throughout history and led to untold numbers of deaths. Yet if every child in every school in the world were taught the history of prejudice through the ages then that awareness might enable them to avoid prejudice when they are older.

The existence of prejudice limits people’s potential, puts ceilings on careers and treats people unfairly. It has no place in work, in school or in the home and yet it still exists today. With the advent of social media, every day examples of prejudice and discrimination are readily available for young people to witness and can either reinforce their own prejudices if left unchallenged or be the catalyst for change. 

Dr Easmon brings a wealth of personal and professional insight into this topic and while he is only one voice he is a voice that pupils will benefit from hearing.

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