Josh Coombes

Do Something for Nothing

(Author and founder of Do Something for Nothing)

Joshua Coombes is a British hairdresser and founder of #DoSomethingForNothing – a social media movement that encourages and inspires people to connect their skills and time to those who need it.

Early one evening after finishing work, Joshua walked past a man who was living on the street at the time. Since he had his scissors and clippers in his backpack, he decided to offer him a haircut. This began a journey of providing free haircuts on the streets in different cities across the UK and beyond. By posting transformative images on Instagram, Joshua’s platform grew as he told stories that often go unheard. His mission caught the attention of media outlets in Europe and has rippled worldwide. Coverage includes appearing in National Geographic’s new series ‘The Story of Us’ with Morgan Freeman released on Netflix internationally.

This message of empathy, awareness and connection, is one that comes at an important time in modern society. It serves as a reminder of how we can all make a difference in our own way, and how small actions can spark a broader conversation and bring about change. Joshua’s talks inspire new ideas and creative ways to approach charity and the importance of showing up for one another in difficult moments. They also provide valuable insights into how we can improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable in our society.

Today, Joshua continues his efforts cutting hair on the streets globally, collaborating with grassroots organisations and advocating for a better level of care for the people he meets. He has recently written a book that has been published in the U.K, America, and Australia. Through the simple act of a haircut, readers are taken on a geographical and emotional journey into the lives of people experiencing homelessness in different cities across the world. There is the opportunity for Joshua to bring copies of the book when visiting schools to give his presentation.

“Coombes is a hairdresser, and he believes that small acts of love can make a big impact.” – Morgan Freeman, actor

“Joshua’s stories show the power that empathy and compassion have to turn a common, everyday act into something transformative. They are the revelations of connection.” – Michael Sheen, actor, and activist

“A simple, big-hearted, and world-shaking idea.” – Nick Cave, singer, songwriter

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