Eliza Lindsay

Loss and Grief

(Talking to Teenagers about Bereavement)

Loss is part of the fabric of everyday life. Yet despite this universal experience, loss is something rarely spoken about until it actually happens to us. When confronted with death, especially for the first time, young people may feel scared, unprepared and very vulnerable. Roz Bicen believes that talking about loss and bereavement shouldn’t be taboo – and that by speaking and thinking about grief, we can begin to prepare for the inevitable challenges that we’ll face and feel safer.

Her talk intends to encourage the start of this process – helping young people to have an understanding of the grieving process and to feel more equipped to cope with loss and all the complex emotions that arise. Listeners are invited to reflect on grief and death, and how it can affect us – as well as ways to support ourselves and others around us. Also how to use the time we have together to build memories we can take with us through life.

Death related conversations shouldn’t only happen when someone dies – there needs to be an ongoing discussion, and it shouldn’t be something that we are afraid of. She highlights other losses we can experience which also have a powerful impact on our mental health; such as loss of health, love and hope. By talking about loss we can lead more fulfilling and authentic lives. The topic is dealt with sensitively, with an awareness that individuals may have their own recent experience of loss, particularly in the light of Covid.

Roz’s talk draws from her eighteen years’ experience as a bereavement therapist and the work she has done in the mental health sector for a charity supporting those with suicidal ideation. She is also a student counsellor for the University of Northampton and works behind the scene on the ITV programme This Morning.


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