Iain Mahony

Modern Masculinity

(The challenges for young men today)

Iain Mahony has developed this talk for staff and parents to cover a range of current issues affecting young men including mental health, dating and relationships, pornography, status and physical appearance.

With the ever growing influence of certain social media figures, young men today are facing a barrage of challenges as they go through their teenage years and into young adulthood. This talk is a welcome addition to the discussions arising from today’s perceptions of masculinity and will provide the audience with a range of learning outcomes that help to address the issues.

Within this talk Iain will provide information such as:

  • Current statistics and trends across key areas
  • Identifying and examining different adolescent responses to the challenges of modern masculinity
  • Changes/distortions in perspectives, norms and expectations due to social media, entertainment and pornography
  • Performance enhancing drugs/supplements: categories, legality, availability, outcomes and side effects.

This talk aims to provide the following learning outcomes:-

  • Evidence-based solutions to encourage: communication, vulnerability, self-awareness, positive masculinity, self-esteem and wellbeing
  • An understanding of the symptoms and characteristics of body dysmorphia vs a healthy and sustainable approach to fitness
  • Realistic guidelines on training, nutrition, supplements and recovery

Iain Mahony has been delivering talks in schools for the McLellan Practice for over 5 years now and is a first choice speaker for many schools due to his ability to connect with those listening and to provide an honest, realistic and relatable presentation that engages his audience.

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