Annie Price

Out of the Ashes

(The power to overcome – developing resilience and confidence)

Annie Price has a remarkable, life affirming and inspirational talk to share with pupils. Now a BAFTA award winning TV presenter she has set out to make a difference to thousands of people, with her unique positive take on the world.

Annie was born into the traveller community in South London; when she was just four weeks old she suffered 3rd degree burns to her face, arms and hands after being caught in a burning caravan. She was rushed to intensive care and given just days to live. However this incredible woman survived, spending the next two years of her life in hospital undergoing numerous lifesaving operations.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the fire Annie was placed into foster care where she spent the next seven years of her life before being adopted by the loving family who had fostered her. She grew up believing her Irish traveller mother had set fire to her as a tiny baby because she was born after an out-of-wedlock affair with a black British man. Annie later learnt that this was not the case and the caravan fire had been a tragic accident.

Throughout her childhood and teenage years Annie faced many painful trips to hospital and countless operations which continue to this day. However she says that she feels incredibly lucky to be alive and has made the most of her challenging start in life to become a successful business woman, TV presenter and more recently a Mum.

This talk will give your pupils an opportunity to see how one woman has overcome childhood adversity in addition to allowing them to think about diversity and difference. Annie welcomes questions in her talk and her open and honest approach will ensure pupils gain a great deal from listening to her amazing life story.

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