Dr Charlie Easmon

Sex in your Pocket (Sixth Form only)

(Fantasy vs Reality)

Dr. Charlie Easmon offers a comprehensive presentation for Sixth Form audiences looking at the issue of Pornography. Today’s young people have instant access to thousands of images and websites offering pornographic material at the click of a button. Mobile phone technology enables teenagers to view pornography in spite of firewalls or security measures that adults may have put in place to protect them.

Pupils are increasingly accessing or being exposed to sexually explicit material, some of which they may be creating themselves. This can leave them highly vulnerable. Therefore it is important that the impact of pornography and sharing of sexual images is addressed in PSHE education.

Viewing of pornography can have an impact on the way in which a young person views sex, relationships and their own and others’ bodies. Young people’s perceptions of healthy sexual relationships can be distorted by the images or videos they have seen and may mean that they feel pressured to mimic the behaviour they have seen portrayed.

Dr. Easmon’s powerpoint presentation considers several aspects including:

  • Sex in your pocket and on your screen
  • What can pornography lead to?
  • Lack of respect
  • How porn has hijacked our sexuality and is desensitising young people
  • Online safety and the legalities
  • Facts and figures

Time is made available at the end of the presentation to answer any questions arising from what has been discussed.

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