Matthieu Brown

The New American Dream

Matthieu Brown is a young entrepreneur who set up his first company while studying for his ‘A’ levels. He balanced his school work with working alongside a friend to establish his first ‘start-up’. He later sold his first business to a company in New York. So began a successful career that showed going to university was not the only option for young people today.

What good is it to spend as much as you make? Nothing. In this talk Matthieu begins by explaining that as good as it is to save money, it is also wise not to keep it all in the bank.

How to be comfortably stingy with finances

  • Why I take uber rides v public transport
  • Living with someone (split rent)
  • Save % of monthly revenue (passive income is king)
  • Invest in yourself (laptop, appearance etc)
  • Network, network, network (get out of your comfort zone)
  • Crypto holding (cold wallet)

The American dream is set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, but what defines success? Is it wealth, health, leisure or neither? Matthieu provides both his definition and point of view in regards to what his most valued resource might be and how he breaks down whether a cost is worth it or not.

Investments are a core aspect to your success, be it in yourself or as a means to diversifying your assets. Matthieu goes on to talk about how passive income is king & how networking will become your key to building a sustainable future.

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