Isla van Tricht

Those Awkward Conversations

(Talking to kids in the digital age)

The average age children are exposed to pornography in the UK is 11 years old. 90% of young people aged 8 – 16 have watched porn online. It’s time we had a conversation with young people about porn.

Pornography is more widespread and accessible than it has ever been at any other time in history. Its content is also increasingly more extreme and often violent. It is easier than ever for young people to seek out or even stumble upon pornographic material online and the vast wealth of information on its effect on healthy ideas of sex, relationships and body image is not widely available or widely taught. With young people accessing pornographic material at younger and young ages it is more urgent than ever to have difficult but vital conversations with our children about porn and its harmful effects.

Education is the key to young people having healthy future sexual relationships and that education is most effective when it takes place both in school and at home.

As a parent or staff working with young people it can be difficult to know what to do and where to begin when it comes to protecting young people from the potential dangers of the internet and broaching the subject of pornography and its harmful effects. This talk aims to provide information, tools and advice of how to tackle this tricky topic with young people.

In this talk, Isla will cover information about the harmful effects of pornography as well as practical tools for smart phone and internet safety for young people, including advice about apps and social media. The talk will also suggest ways to tackle the topic with young people in conversation as well as highlight resources parents and staffs can use and can point young people towards. Isla will cover ways to have the conversation before your child is exposed to pornography as well as how to talk about it once you think your child has been exposed to it. There will also be space for questions and open discussion on the topic.

This talk is suitable for parents or staff in charge of children of all ages.

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